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A buddy of mine has a 300 zx turbo and I have a 99 LS with the an AEM CAI, Greddy Evo Catcack a DC sport 4-2-1 header, a B&M short shifter and a 75 shot of zex. Soon after purchasing it my friend immediatly started bragging on the ZX saying how there was no way my wimpy non vtec Integra could keep up with his v-6 turbo, however what he did not know was I had just retarded my timing and switched the 55 shot to the 75 shot nozzle so the race was on. We headed up to our favorite spot to street race, a mile long strip of asphault with no traffic. We lined them up and took off almost immediatly I pulled a car length on him and hit second with a big scratch and pulled another length I did not look back until about 120 and saw the ZX about 4 car lengths behind me. I won and got the bragging rights. Needless to say he has never talked shit about the Nissan since. Thank God fo N20

Other victims
Honda civic EX (No NOS)
2 early 90 model Mustang GT's
Mitubishi Eclipse Spyder GS-T
Eagle Talon TSi
Eclipse GS (No NOS)
and a new Thunderbird which really did not run that bad.
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