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im salen my civic its an 89 si its primer black...i juss bot this about a month ago but its hard worken on it and ceepen a job so here is what i restored on it(note you wont think its an si cuz the motor is a 1.5 the guy who had it before ripped the motor out so i had no choice in the motor oh and it has a crx rear brake convertion)i replaced all 4 rotors with new brakes and pads i pute a new brake booster/master cylinder in it and i got it runnen great um extirier i uss pute carbon fiber tail lights on it with chrome signals on the front interior is pritty much ripped out i got all of it though in my shed if you want the back seats or anything else i pute a new steering wheel in there got the stock if u prefer it in all it runs great and all it needs is a speedo cable with i ordered and when the person buys it ill send them where there holden on for me all im asken is 1800 for all the money i already dropped into it seams fare but willing to maby go down a little on price sorry no pictures either youll have to fond your wat to CHANDLER AZ if you wanna see it send me an email at [email protected] if you want it it will sell fast my naber is even looken to buy it but i figure id rather have someone who loves hatchs or civics to take it instead ok thats about it later :ninja
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