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90 Civic SI

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What can I do to make it V8 $ V6 killer??????????????/
Any advice will be deeply apreciate
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Most obvious answer.......SSWWAAPP......then for kicks....put a turbo on it!!!!!!! :D :D :D
turbo the motor that's in it already, if you blow it it's cheap to replace!:p
If you do everything yourself you can have a b16 with a turbo for about 5000 that includes all the miss. stuff. If you shop around you can get it even cheeper.
I bought thris Si just last week, for 1700
and the car was clean and shine,
My bro had already beat Accord, Civic EX, if i just add a I-H-E, does it going to beat some V6, like MUST,And Accord V6????
I think it'll take more then just I/H/E to beat a V6...but I could be wrong...I mean, there will always be someone who says they beat a V-8 mustang with their i/h/e'd 1.5L DX, but in my opinion you won't win.

If you don't win, I don't think it'd be by much.
So, Should Just turbo my stock SI motor,or
SWap B16 non turbo
which one whould you guys pick!!!!!!!!!
Thanx for your time Whitrive and weedhead<>:D
I'm actually in the midst of doing a b16a swap into my 88 DX hatch. So that is what I'd do. Then later on down the line you can throw a turbo ontop of that bad boy. That is also what I plan to do...but that is WWWAAAYYY down the road. I just need more $$$$!!!! HEHEHEH

If you do the b16 swap yourself and do the regular routine maintnance work to it (ie water pump, timing belt, thermostat, etc), it shouldn't run you any more then $1500...maybe $2000 depending on what kind of hookups you got. I put a new clutch and a lightened flywheel on mine before I'm putting it in, then I don't have to take it out!!!!

So all being said.....Swap my man!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
so, what kind of car can you beat(off the start) If I have a
90 Civic HB SI W/B16,I H E & chip:confused: :confused:
Mine not in my car yet, so I'm not 100% positive.......but The majority of the domestic v-6's, I've seen a b16 crx take a V8 Stang in a street race. It'd be your best bet. Best bang for the buck.
i'd say stick with your stock engine because they are just so damned cheap and slap a turbo on it and run 6 pounds of boost or if you know a dyno get it dyno-tuned and you could probably run 8 lbs daily driven and still be reliable. and if it should blow up one day, hey a new d series engine only costs like 450-600 not like replacing a b18c or any other b series engines.
If a d-series only runs like 450-600.....why not spend the extra 300-400 and get a b16!!!!!!
if you want to get a 1st gen b16
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