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i need help!! I have a 90 crx si with a zc 1.6 dohc that i run on a 1/4 mile high banked asphalt oval track. Head shaved,ported,chambers welded and clovered.xenocron chipped pm6,headers,open exhaust,cold air,msd cap w/external coil,etc..My problem is when i ease on the gas in the turns,it bucks and sputters,if i wait to get on the gas till i am coming out i can stomp it and it takes off fine.Then down the straight it starts to bust up and wont turn over 7400.It is throwing codes 6,9,10. Have replaced coolant temp sensor,intakeair temp,and justraplaced cyp.Still shows codes.when i installed cyp i put number 1 on tdc and noticed that the rotor on cyp was not pointing at sensor so i took bolts out and positioned so they were pointed at eachother(dont know if they are supposed to but sounded logical to me) It made no difference,then with it running i rotated the cyp,still no change.Then while using language ussually reserved for my ex, totally removed the cyp and it ran on and made no difference. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatfully appreciated.
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