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90 Honda Civic Mechanical Issue

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Hey Everyone, I have a interesting issue with my 90 honda civic characterized by a pretty specific sign but after a few days of searching through the internet and a few forums, I haven't really come up with anything. I have a very slight idea but that's it.

It's a 90 Honda Civic EX Manual.

Basically, One day, I went down to my car and it wouldn't start. And no I didn't leave any lights on, battery checked out fine and that was it. So I was thinking starter but it was a weekend and my mechanic whose never screwed me over was closed so I was like well I'll try tomorrow on Sunday. On sunday, I went down and started my car up fine. Although it was very, very chuggy and stalled out the first time, it went the second time. No check engine light.

So I let it warm up, it was fine I drove it down and parked it on the side of the street for him to work on and we replaced the starter since it was really old, seemed like it was going and the car's at 155k and I asked him to adjust my clutch.

Well, for 5 days, it was fine till just the other day I ran down and like literally 2 hours after I drove it and I had to drive it again, it wouldn't start. It was cold outside, like the last time but that was it. So I called AAA at night, the guy towed it although he said it seems the clutch was disengaged.

Of course, the mechanic comes in the next morning starts the car up right fine and wheels it in. I'm like okay, this doesn't make any sense.

When it doesn't start, it makes a click as if I'm not pushing my clutch all the way down but me and the AAA guy were both throwing it to the floor.

The only other sign then that is, my clutch pedal seems a little weird. It like makes a crank sound when I push in and switch gears and then another crank sound when I release.

The only guess I have is maybe the pressure plate but how it could be so sporadic like that? I was wondering if I could get another opinion before I go about replacing the pressure plate/throw out bearing?

I also forgot to add that there is like a 3 second delay between the point of when I turn the key and the car begins to crank and start up.

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Do you hear a sound coming from the trans area? like a whistle sound?
No sound from that area. The click is more like in front of the passenger dash around the starter area.
maybe your fuel relay is going bad?
is the neutral safety swich fucking up?

If your not holding a charge, you could try replacing the battery too, the clicking when you start is the starter motor not getting enough juice for one reason or another. Could be an electrical problem, or a bad alt. maybe? could explain why its not quite holding a charge?

Just throwing some ideas out there.
or it could be your ignition wire coming from your ignition switch. Sometimes there is a break in the wire. It's a black/yellow striped wire coming from your ignition switch to your starter. If your car does not start try jumping from your battery to the starter. not the hot wire but there is a small wire that tells the starter to kick over it's black/yellow striped also. That could be your problem. Just jump another wire from your ignition switch out to your starter and that should fix the problem, but beware you will not have to have the clutch engaged to start your car. I have had 2 cars do this to me, a 91 hatch and a 91 Integra.

Hope this helps:D
Clutch switch? Not connecting, therefore not allowing the circuit to the starter
Clutch switch? Not connecting, therefore not allowing the circuit to the starter
do you mean the neutral safety switch like i mentioned earlier?? Never heard it called a clutch switch, but it makes sence.

This swich just detects weather the clutch pedal is all the way depressed before the engine can be started so you cant start the car in gear.

Are we talking about the same thing? Just wanna be sure, lol
Yeah you got it, I was just thinking along the lines in what its used for, not specific name. But yeah, same thing.
Yeah you got it, I was just thinking along the lines in what its used for, not specific name. But yeah, same thing.
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