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any interest in a 14 second 4dr? I bought this car from a friend - changed NOTHING but the longblock since owning it. It has been daily driven as is for months by myself and years by my friend, who bought it is stock form and did the modifications with the help of other friends.

car has power windows/locks/mirrors/seatbelts - all in working condition. comes with spare radiator (the one in it has a SLOW leak)

-jdm front bumper
-jdm one piece headlights
-vis grade A CF hood
-jdm taillights
-jdm spoiler (uninstalled - came with car, previous owner told me it was jdm - I wouldnt know the difference)
-b20z2 longblock (approx 56k miles, purchased from a j-yard in tennessee from a 99 CRV)
-B16 transmission
-clutchmasters stage 3 clutch disk/pressure plate
-lightened factory flywheel
-aem FPR
-GSR intake arm with K+N drop in filter
-custom built exhaust was built for a turbo setup that never got finished/installed (flows very well, but is loud... no lies)
-skunk2 short shifter
-tokico illumina 5 way adjustable shocks
-skunk2 coilovers
-rear strut tower bar
-momo airleather steering wheel with srr adaptor kit

more that I can't think of off hand I am certain.

not trying to make this car sound shitty but I am going to list everything I can think of that is wrong with it:

-as mentioned above, it is loud

-needs some front end work - pulls to the right after a run-in with a curb. was this way when I bought it from a friend. he replaced the parts the mechanic said it needed, but needs alignment still.
-blower motor only blows on top two settings, bottom two dont work - dont know why - again, always been that way.

-power steering HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED - pump is still fastened in the engine bay, but I would suggest removal and looping the line to improve steerability (if that's a word)

-minor rattles/squeaks and rust/chips/dings of a 15 year old modified honda.

-antenna was broken off (vandalism and a break in - stole the radio. I have since replaced it with stock cassette deck, cd player optional, but radio reception is poor)

-front bumper does not line up perfectly - I am not a body man, so it is probably a simple fix, this is how the car was when I purchased it stayed that way - I have not messed with it, pics will show, it is not awful, but you can see it.

I ran this at the drag strip one day and bested a 14.9 on bald tires with 2.1 60 footers. It also endured a full day at Gingerman raceway ( a local road course) and pulled VERY respectable hotlaps prior to the motor swap. I replaced the b16 that was in it when I purchased it with the lower mileage, more torquey B20. matched with the B16 tranny, it is a PERFECTLY daily driveable QUICK ride. Nobody sees it coming.

on with the pics, more available

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