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2008 Honda Accord V6 EX-L Coupe
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Originally I found out about this build at a Cars and Coffee hosted by Club Racer. I heard the turbo spool from literally the moment it came into the lot and I knew it was a special build! We had planned to film this build breakdown a few times and finally our schedules aligned to get it done. This car definitely did not disappoint and at its highest boost setting it put down 928 whp and 681 wtq!

For his future plans, he is planning to upgrade the turbo setup and chase 1000 whp on the TSX platform. This is unheard of and definitely uncharted territory so I am here for it! Shoutout to the homie Tire Bullys for letting me film his build and being super friendly/accomodating.

I hope everyone checks out the video and enjoys a build breakdown video after it’s been a few months :)

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