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91 240SX, S13 !!REDUCED!! $4300, SELL ASAP!!!

Hey guys... Im selling my 1991 Nissan 240SX Coupe...
Right off the bat I am going to tell you that the car needs a new block and head.
Im not quite sure what is wrong with this motor, but I believe it to be a rod bearing. A good JDM motor will not cost much, I see them for usually beetween $650-$900. It is JUST the HEAD AND BLOCK that need to be replaced, Everything else in this swap is great, including the 5 speed transmission. Ok, maybe some new motor mounts too, lol, but thats just a recommendation.

The car:
1991 Nissan 240SX Coupe
5 Speed
180,xxx chassis miles
Originally had A/C, But no longer does, due to the swap.

Under the hood:
Complete JDM SR20DET Redtop Swap w/ 5 speed transmission, Stage 2 Clutch.
Beleive I spun a rod bearing, but I suggest replacing head and block, due to the low cost, and the fact that I only had this motor for 2 months til I blew it, and it looks in pretty bad internal condition. Previous owner didnt care for it.

Turbo & Family:
Stock SR20DET Garrett T25 Turbo.
APEX'i Intake
Greddy Intercooler Piping
Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
3" Megan Racing downpipe
3" Exhaust (Sounds good, not too loud, but loud enough, and clean)
Greddy TYPE-RS Blow Off Valve

Koyo Aluminum Race Radiator
Electric Fan, Single
Fan wired to switch
HKS Radiator Cap

Interior & Electronics:
Odyssey Drycell Race Battery
Nardo Steering wheel
Quick Release Race Steering Hub
Trust Shift Knob
Blitz Dual-SBC Electronic Boost Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer
Cobra XRS-9700 Radar/Laser Detector Hardwired into car; Switch overhead
Broadway Rearview Mirror
Infinity Kappa Speakers
No CD-Player

Exterior & Stuff:
Stock Wheels. Rims were sold. Sorry.

This car has an Orange paint job, with metal flake.
Full Version:Select body kit, paint matched and moulded all around.
Looks good.
I bought the car with the paint, so im not sure exactly how much it costed, or what color it is, but i will tell you i clay bar'd it when i first got it, and laid 3 coats of wax and polish on her when i got her, and I cruised to the raced that night, and must have gotten 50 compliments on the car...
The paint's original quality is impeccable.
But, of course as time and lots of driving does, it does have its flaws here and there. Your usual road wear. It pretty much has to do with the front bumper, besides that, as per the last time I spent 8 hours hand waxing her over and over, the only flaw was in the front bumper, and it was just from highway driving...
The paint has a metal flake in it, and when its clean, it shines amazingly, and the flake just shoots out in the sunlight...

The mouldings are all shaved, as well as the trunk keyhole and emblems.
The entire car was painted minus the interior that is covered. I pulled the back seats out and noticed the car wasnt painted in there, but beside that, everywhere else is, the door jambs, the engine bay (AND it has flake in it ALL, even the engine bay sparkles)
There were no corners cut with this paint job...
The car has JDM Folding mirrors, although only 1 of them folds in, I dont think the other one is hooked up.
The car has a JDM Complete Front end. Fenders, Hood, Lights, and it all fits very well.

The motor had an estimated 60k miles on it when it went.
This motor can be rebuilt. But I wouldnt recommend it honestly, due to the fact that it doesnt look maintained inside, the oil that is cooked inside is horrible, and I have no questions about why this motor went on me.
Right after I flushed her out with 3 quarts of Mobile 1, i filled her up with some fresh Royal Purple and a new nismo filter, and a few hundred miles later, she went kaboom.

The SR20DET is a very cheap motor to swap in, let alone to just replace the head and block. Everything else on the motor besides the internals is great. Alternator, power steering, sensors, wiring, etc all works perfectly so far.
Car used to run GREAT, and when it did it was SO fun to drive.
I have owned 13 vehicles in the past 3 years, 5 hondas and 2 nissans, 1 muscle car, and not 1 of them was stock, and this car by far is the fastest thing I have ever owned (besides my street bike, lol)
It gets looks too...

I paid $7,400 for this car, just under 2 months before the motor went.
Well, now I need the money out of her for business.
So, my loss is your gain.
My estimated cost to repair this car is about $800 if you do labor yourself.

Im asking $5,000.
This car is currently sitting out here in Arizona with me.

Please help spread the word. And please feel free to email me if you have ANY questions. Thanks alot.

[email protected]

- Kellen

P.s. I will take some better pictures tomorrow if I can get my camera working.



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alright, will do, and thanks...

also, I know a shop in San Diego, Ca. that will do the entire thing for $1000. Thats the motor And labor.
I have a truck, but my belt and tensioner just flung off, so as soon as i get some money, i can offer the option of delivery in AZ, NV or CA.

Thanks again

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I'm more into 4wheeling but honest to god if you weren't so far away and I could afford 2 vehicles right now (getting ready to go to the academy and get my career started) I would seriously consider it because I've always wanted a 240 fastback and yours looks like a great car and a great deal.
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