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What's up everyone? I posted some ??s in the Si section on suspension. These my ??s you can look at my post.

Had a semi allignment, toe only adjustment. My rf camber is off alot & my rr camber also. I need some front tires every 2 months.My uca might be bent.
I've been getting some advice.
I'm trying to go cheapest route possible. Now about coilovers. Do I need shocks/struts w/ coilovers.I'm not pressed on brands. It could be Meagan racing for all I care.I thought about replacing springs only, but I know shocks not good 235K. Also, with this I know I'm going to need a fr. camber kit. What cheap brand to use? Everyone says I can have guy use washers for rear. Where to get washers from to adjust rear camber.
I need to get my GSR back on road. So that's why I'm not picky on brand. I've also thought about some sort of shocks & get a camber kit & call it a day for now. I know the old saying do it 1 time.
Like to but, tired of eating front tires up every 2 months or so.

Just trying to get many opinions on which way to go .

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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