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I have a 1gen b16 in my 91 si. I have a ceramic dc s port 4-2-1 header I believe. I had a b18a ls swap in 03. Lasted only 6 mo. Then had a 1gen b16. The shop who did the ls installed a dc header. If i ever needed to get another dc header & get a high flow cat what car should i order the header for 92-93 gsr. My 02 sensor is on the left side standing in front of car. The shop that did the ls not business anymore. I have heard a ls header sits lower if installed on a b16.

The shop that swapped the b16 said the other shop hacked up my header to make fit with my thermal cat back since I should' t have had a ls mated to a b16. Any input would be appreciated whenever I can replace header.

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