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hey I was hoping everyone can get me straight on some things. I have a 91 crx si I swapped in a dohc zc and blew the block, I had i/he/e on it and a 89 teg ecu with si tranny.
I just bought a d15b1 sohc vtec with under 40k for 100 bucks, its missing distributor, tranny, starter, alternator.
What all do I need to convert the d15 to mpfi, what wiring harness and ecu do I need, what cams can I use for a more aggressice setup and will all my bolt ons for my dohc zc fit my d15.
I heard this will bolt up to my si tranny. Im also a vtec newbie what do I need to know about wiring? If I like this engine I will more then likely want to turbo it with a t25 I have are these turbo friendly engines like the zc? how does this motor compare to my dohc zc? what years and model do I need to know for timing belt and all of that? thanks
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