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91 cxr dx, stock, NC- SOLD!

The good:

-149K original miles
-clean title in HAND
-no leaks, drips, smoke, grinds, etc.
-NO RUST!!!!
-Working A/C....fully intact climate control
-Black interior. Very clean. No holes in carpet, no dash cracks, no spray paint...
-New Tien spings (1 inch drop)
-Passenger window recently seviced for smoother operation. With reciept for work done.
- 4 new Polk Speakers and an older JVC deck with amplified antenna
-We are the second owner of the car, and have most of the literature and records from the previous owner.
-Other than listed items, the car is 100% stock.
-Very reliable, as it is my daily driver on VERY hot days.

The bad:

-Typical bolster wear on driver seat
-88-89 taillights, no cracks
-Front windows are not tinted
-Small ding in each door.
-Need rear hatch shocks (broom handle included)
-Car was in a minor fender bender and had new hood, fenders and bumper replaced and repainted. Very Very slight differences in color. Only noticable in certain light.


-Comes with an extra DX motor from a friends swap. Full long block with starter, alt, dizzy, etc.The dizzy from the long block needs to be put on car soon, and I will do before purchase.
-We also have a WW body kit (from user: pinecone) that is negoitiable with purchase. We purchased 2 new door pieces for the kit as well.
-slipstreams in the picture are not for sale. The car will come on either 13 inch steelies with newer tires or Integra wheels with good tires. Purchaser can choose which go on the car.

This car is very reliable and gets roughly 35-40 mpg in he city. I'd feel comfortable driving this thing anywhere. This was purchased for my mother as a project, but recently we purchased a different rex with a swap already done.

This car does NOT have to be sold. I am simpy offering it up as there seems to be alot of interest in these cars lately. I will not respond to low-ball offers, ignorant trade offers, or the like. If you are in the area, a test drive can be arranged, as I have ZERO to hide. Trade offers are welcome, but, please be reasonable.

My address is [email protected]

IM me at Loudestyet.

PM me for my phone number.

Price is a VERY FIRM $3300.

Link to pictures:

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to get them on here. This is the original factory paint.

thanks for looking.
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