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last weekend i went to see a movie and afterwards i told my gf's little brother he could drive home, as i stopped off at the pisser, on my out to the parking lot i heard him trying to start my poor little beat up dx, the car will not start.
the next day i changed my plugs & wires and that was not it, it then occured to me that maybe i should check for spark, i was thinking to far ahead of myself with the plugs and wires, and now i have a nice set of plugs and wires with a shit outa luck no good maybe next week distributer.
at least thats what i think it is (almost positive)

dx is not multi port inj.

now i have both a 93 del sol dist. and one off of my crx si motor i have lately goten out of my honda knowledge so this is my question will either one of my two distributers work on my little grey pile of rust-i just cant give it up- or am i shit outta luck.
the reason i ask is because my car is stranded about 100 miles outta town and i would hate to get up there and find a completly different setup????

please if you were stranded on the side of the road and you drove a brand new mustang i would swerve and hit you but if you drove a honda id even buy you dinner so please for the love of god HELP ME.................i did say please.....

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