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taggart_lumpy said:
Alright i got a 91 hatch for sale the shop that was doing my swap is gay so i took it back. The body is pretty straight except for both front fenders are messed because the tow truck guy screwed them up. The paint is pretty decent for it being origional. All the interior really has is the dash, seats, and floor mats. It is just a shell but i might include a ZC if the price is right. Thats what was origionally in the car but i took it out for a b swap. I gotta leave for the marine corps soon so im open to really any offers. Ill try and get some pisc up as soon as possible.
im in phx....does the car run
?any rust? whats the story on the car..does it run if not what does it need to run lemme know asap im very interested
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