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klungemonger said:
The EX has better manifold, but the cat-back stock piping is the same.

I can't see why he would do it anyways except if what he really means is he bought an aftermarket piping from the 92-95 and hopes it works on his newer EX.
EXACTLY, the car shop fucked up and sent my friend 92-95 DX Coupe Worldsport exhasut...and so i got the pipiing from it, and he kept the i was like im tryin to bolt it up...2 fucking hours later im still tryin...i had to stop for school, but FUCK! i hate this shit so much...and i didnt BUY it persay i jsut got it from a friend...and i know bout hte manifold and all that ,but i ws just worryed bout the pipiing from where the header stops back!...thanks everyone
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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