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92-95 civic greddy turbo question

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How much HP am i going to get out of it if I put it in a 92-95 civic si?
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I ran a 14.4 @96 MPH on a ex 98 coupe with 8 lbs of boost and full trim
Mid to low 14's probably.
Its good as an all around street kit
those times look great congrats!

what if that was my purpose of getting the greddy in the first make it a street car...

what could i make do to make it spool up even faster???:confused:
NOS!!!!!! No, but seriously, even a small 50 shot of nitrous until it spools.
gaining HP on a turbo set-up relies on how much boost and tuning is in "harmony". on the GReddy 92-95 turbo kit, you will not suffer "LAG" at all. if you do, it should be very minimum. a little shot of N2O is not really a necessity just for the purpose of bypassing the LAG stage. TDO4-H 15g will work just fine and is capable of 12-14 psi max boost. a good rule of thumb is that, for every 1 psi of boost, can equal to 10+/-2 HP gain. hope this helps:D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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