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This thread ROCKS!

:number1 This thread is great! I have been wanting to do this to my car since I bought it, going on ten years ago this summer. :clappy I've seen it before, but just ran into it again as my sunroof is rusting out like they commonly do in the 4th gen (Mine is 95SE). It has hit the point where I have to do something soon.:bomb However, living in Southeast Florida, I am not to sure I want to do this because of the intense heat of the summer. I know it can be tinted :cool, but it really needs the shade, too. It is hot as balls down here and a moonroof without shade = SUNROOF.

I just went into a complete body sweat putting something away in the garage, and it is 3:30AM.:sleep

I am going to research just changing the sunroof with a replacement or even if it is possible to maybe fix the existing? However, I don't want to hijack this thread. It's just very likely that at some point or another, 4th geners are going to possibly see the light through their sunroof when closed. Mine has rusted through in a spot and I don't know how it is not leaking yet. I wish they would have just made the car with a moon roof, instead of a literal sunROOF. The last time I saw this thread, my sunroof was perfectly fine. Additionally, the electric motor should possibly be changed, also. Lithium grease helped make it better moving, but the motor is just tired. I plan to paint the entire car and give the '95 a refresh with new Sherwood Green Pearl Metallic.:cool

One way or another, the sunroof is what is prompting me to repaint the car, as the rain of this summer is not welcome inside my 4th gen cabin. :bomb The hood has peeled, too, which I see is a common issue with 4th gen Ludes, as well.

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