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92 CX Map Sensor on 95 B18B motor??

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This is a question for those more experienced, but open to anyone who may know about this. I'm using the 92 CX Map sensor on my newly swapped 95 B18B, and I was wondering if I'm missing out on any loss horsepower from doing this?

Some told me that the MAPs read and send different voltages. It works fine as a daily driver, but I feel like it could be faster. The model numbers between the MAPs are slightly different. Please anyone know knows more about this, help.
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they are all the same, i think the guy who told you that has it confused with a TPS sensor.
But I've compared the CX one to the LS one. The little nozzle on the underside of the CX MAP Sensor is slightly larger,by maybe .25mm. Also, the model numbers are different...well, you know those numbers imprinted on the top of the MAPs. Are those product numbers unique to each sensor? Or are they serial numbers, of which everyone has a different one?
they are different....I GUARANTEE YOU ARE RUNNING RICH!.....if you dont believe me hook up an A/F meter
I was hoping that I am running lean, so that when I replace it with the LS MAP, then it'll shoot more fuel and run stronger.

Can you help explain to me why it would run rich? I'm still recovering from the expenses on this motor, so I can't afford to buy anything, even an A/F meter.
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you will run rich because the voltage will not be right and the reading the sensor is taking will not be right, usually a lean condition comes from the TPS, but it could always be the other way around..........
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