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I have a 92 hatch with a gsr swap im using a p28 just to see if im wireing up vtec correctly or not. Which is not becuase I do not hear it engaugeing or feeling it. I aready check if pin d4 is giving power out for the solenoid which it is not. So if anyone can lead me to a site or a answer as to why vtec is not engaugeing. But when I power d4 with a switch I can hear the solenoid open

I areadly wired

VTEC solenoid yellow/green a 4
VTEC oil pressure sensor blue D6
VTEC ground black chassis ground
knock sensor red/blue D3
Secondary intake solenoid (IAB) pink/blue a17

What I didnt wire yet but well when I fine where its located

1.Evap purge power yellow/black 12V power
2.Evap purge solenoid red A20

Would not having hook up cause vtec to not engauge?

Please help if you can, thanks in advance.
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