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Hello everyone,,

I have a 92' Honda Accord 5DR Wagon, with a 2.2L 130HP Engine.
Everything is stock minus my K&N Universal Filter and Aluminum Intake Duct.

I was driving one night with a friend of mine, I floored it and picked up to about 85mph. After reaching 85mph the engine completely stalled out on me. Now, this has never happened before. I've gotten the car to roughly 120mph. Still doing about 60 I tried neutral starting the car. No dice. I tried to start it for 10 minutes, and then deemed it dead when I got nothing. :bomb
I let it sit for a while, while I made towing arrangements. After a half an hour or so I decided that I would give it one last start. It starts, idle is alittle low. But other then that it seemed fine. I get back in, drive up to about 30mph and it stalls again. I start it right back up, it gurgles and shuts off. That was the last time it's started for me.
Now, After some trial and error I found out that my ignition system wasn't sparking. I tried replacing the coil but that did nothing. There is 12.4v power at the BLK/YLW terminals at the coil.

I'm having some trouble finding my master iginiton relay, however. I've been lead to beleive it could be my ECU. Can somebody point me in the direction of where I can
A. Find the Ignition Relay and Test It's Functionality.
B. Test the base functionality of the ECU Module.
C. Give me another test or another option to investigate.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated....
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