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1. The fork at the bottom that the strut goes into and then it goes over the axle and bolts on either side... Is it best to unbolt the whole fork and pull it out WITH the strut, Or... try to get the strut OUT of the fork and leave it there???
--both, you'll need to remove the strut from the fork and unbolt the fork to get the strut completely out. easiest method is to loosen the top mount bolts, but don't remove it, remove the bolt holding the strut to the fork, then step on the rotor to seperate the strut from the fork.. remove the bolt holding the fork to the lower arm. this will allow the fork to be moved out of the way so that the strut can be pulled down and out.

2. Also, is there any reason to unbolt any of the tie rods or other arms or can I just get the strut out with one of the above methods???
--not that i know of.

3. Also, just curious about the Neuspeed Sport Springs we used. Can I expect them to settle a little lower, or is the newly installed height what I will get??? The car isn't lowered as much as expected, maybe 3 fingers gap plus???
--yes, they'll settle lower.. sometimes up to half an inch.. give it about a week of driving.

--your welcome
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