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92 HatchBack VX

Brandnew JDM B16A Motor, 30km on motor
TypeR Dc header 4-1
TypeR Intake manifold with larger throttle body
Cold Air Intake
TypeR Tranny w/LSD
Skunk2 Exhaust
17" pretty heavy rims
lowered on coilovers
body kit, combat in the back, it think stock side skirts, Front bumber,

Interior somewhat decent, some wear, short shifter and knob.
ebrake cable broken

It is fast, he wants $9300 for it

what do u think

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Hell no...way to expensive dude. You can get a 99 si for $12,000 and $13500 with all the bolt ons. Check
That's way to expensive for a f#@$%ing 92....that shit is over 10 years old...eventhough it's got a 30 k engine...a good price would be 6,000 to $6,500. If you wanna pay $9 k then I'll sell you mine..LOL
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