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93-95 Bumper Difference to 96-97

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Hello there Solers.
Hope ya don't mind a CRXer askin a question in here.

Anyways my question is I know the '93-'95 Sols have the "dual" headlights, while the '96,'97 Sols dont have the "dual" lights.

Anyways I was wonder, to "remove" the inner lights, is at simple as changing the bumper? or is more to it than that?

Sorry but as you can probably tell I have almost no exposure to Sols.

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im not super master del sol guy....but you can take off the aux (inner light) by unscrewing a couple screws and disconnct the wires going to them if im not mistaken.
There's a "fuse thing" too?

Hey, hardly ever used them, but heard alot about AUX fuse
problems. But, if you don't use them, you're SAFE, right..,
SilverCRXSi ? BTW, are you thinking of "upgrading", or
are you here to just bash? CRX's are cool, (I've had 2, new,
an '84 and an '88), but the delsol's a better car, IMO, (and
I have an Si ONLY).
P.S. I check the AUX lights once or twice a year, and they
always work. Personally, I don't know where the problem
is. Blame it on Canada! :D
EDIT: Oh shit! Sorry dude, about the last sentence. Just
most complaints I've read/heard come from Canada.
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no I'm not here to bash the Sol or anything(afterall its technically a CRX) I'm asking because I honestly don't know much about the Sol other then some specs.
The reason I ask is cause I'm looking at getting a 2nd car as a daily driver and my top choices are a 6G Hatchback or a Del Sol (must be the Si model though). I mean I love the idea of having a convertible, in addition to the 2seater(hence why I have a CRX)
I'm asking mainly becuase I've heard of problems with the aux lights(do they act as fogs?) and I personally like the look of the 96'-'97 Sol, so thats why I ask if its a simple swap of the bumpers or if its whole front end conversion that needs to be done.
The AUX lights are cool, if you're driving on a really dark night
on black roads, (I'm talking "blacktop" here). But I rarely ever
used them. Can't really "definitively" answer your original
question, sorry, but a delol OR HB would be killer as a second
car, IMO. If you're a true CRX lover, though, I think you'd like
a hatch more. I miss that "space" I had behind me sometimes
myself :).
I mean I got the CRX because I liked the idea of having a 2 seater. Besides 90% of the time I drive alone and if I ever drive anyone its only 1 person, and that was when I'd drive a car with 5 seats. besides having a 2seater is a great excuse for not driving people around. :)
I've only seen a Sol upclose about 3 times, but I did see that it had a huge trunk.
I dunno though. Sols are pretty expensive around here...

But I still don't know about the front lights...
i mean I guess they'd help during winter driving...
Can anyone answer this for me please? :confused:
this doesnt answer the question but yeah i wanted to know that also, cuz i like the look of the 96-97, and if its just the bumper i wouldn't mind changing it then
Well atleast I'm not the only 1 wondering... :rolleyes:
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