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93 cx/built b18c/turbo kit

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golden eagle sleeves
wiseco 9.5:1 compression pistons
Eagle rods.
The bottom end was assembled by a reputable shop using acl bearings.
Comes with new water pump, timing belt, stock head gasket, and golden eagle head studs.
Also comes with act extreem pressure plate and 6puck disk.
$3,800 obo

The engine has -0- miles on it, none, never been driven since the build....not even once.......

b16a hydrolic tranny $550 obo.

The engine is assembled right now and would like to sell it as a short or long block, but if someone is interested in the block i'll part the two. Prices are not firm and can be negotiated. I don't want to part out the little stuff unless the big stuff sells first .

I'm going to post this anyways, but i'm 95% sure it's sold.
garrett t3t3 .57 trim .63 A/R
Drag manifold
tial 35mm wg w/dump tube..
21x9x3" fmic w/piping.
megan racing bov
gm 3bar map
756cc injectors
holley 255lph intank pump
resistor pack
boost gauge and pod.
Hondata s100
If the sale falls through $2,000 obo B-sereis of course.

93 civic cx hatch.
comes with sparco speeds, one harness (rci, brand new never installed) the rear seat, plastics, stock passenger seat..dash etc..
rolling on 14" stock wheels (look like del sol wheels)
the car needs paint and a few trim pieces (driver side window molding (bottom of the window where it meets the door $25 part i just havent picked it up yet)...the body is good no dents. Does have a salvaged title.
Price is negotiable $1000

If your interested let me know, like I said all prices are negotiable. Low ball me and you'll be ignored, if you don't have a clue how much some of the parts cost then ask me.
I live near seattle W.A.

"Thanks for looking and Please bump this if you read it" Thanks
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I will seperate the head and block.
bump, need this stuff gone yesterday...
The new price for the block is $2,150.
Thats less then What I have in parts...but I need to sell t soon..still taking offers....
I was about to get serious about your shell until I saw the loc. Bump for you :tu
Thanks man, Ga is a bit far from W.A
Turbo kit sold
I know someone needs these parts
$1,900 for the block, and will ship...
Remember the block comes with eagle rods,Wiseco pistons, Golden eagle sleeves....those alone run about $2,000 ($1050 for sleeves + machine work, $950 rods/pistons)..and it comes assembled with acle bearings ($100+) Golden eagle head studs ($120), new water pump ($65)..not to mention how much it would cost to have it assembled...
$850 for the shell and seats..
$425 for the tranny
This Weekend
how much for just one seat, driver's and do you harnesses
pearlwhite_HF said:
how much for just one seat, driver's and do you harnesses

I was looking to sell as a pair but off the top of my head..for one sparco, rail, and 5pt RCI harness (legal to 9.99 I believe)...$250...
If your serious I can send you some pics and we can discuss the price further.
Pm me or e-mail me @ [email protected].
Tranny sold.
Still have the car $850 w/sparco's
Sale of the block is pending
2 rota's w/ bfg drag radials 15"
pictures of the block?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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