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93 eg si sunroof glass removal & install

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k this is prolly a dumb question but my sunroof glass on my eg si has a crack.. i know a guy who has one with no cracks or anything and he is willing to sell/trade me. am i over thinking this? would i just have to remove the molding and cut the cocking to remove and then scrap all the old cocking out and put new cocking down then place the glass back in? i have searched everywhere and i can not seem to find the answer i need.. i am not replacing the motor or tracks..just the glass. can someone tell me if i am right? or if there is another way to do this besides calling and having a shop do it for me... i am just kinda stuck at the moment and i would appreciate some good advice and input.
please and thanks in advance
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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