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Hello all,

I'm trying to get some help from people who know about Hondas.

My car:
1993 Civic EX
D16Z6 Motor
5-Speed MT
As stock as it can be.

Fuel Filter changed.
Spark Plugs gapped correctly and changed.
Throttle Body cleaned.
Butterfly valve (in TB) checked for play. (Gas pedal floored.)
^ Opens to perfect 90 degree angle.
Throttle cable tightened slightly.
IACV removed, cleaned.
Air Intake removed, cleaned.
Resonator removed, cleaned.
Vacuum hoses checked.

A little while ago my car got low on gas and started to sputter. I though it was just running out of gas. Ever since then my car has had this idle problem. After being warmed up the car's idle will jump around a lot, and it sputters and takes off between every gear, even at highway speeds.

I've done all of the above to try to fix it. Nothing has really changed other than my car idling a little lower and with less noise.

Things I still want to try:
Bleed coolant system.
Check distributor/ignitor.
Check/clean PCV valve.
Check/clean FITV.

Things I'm trying to avoid:
Replacing fuel pump.
Replacing distributor.
Replacing timing belt/tensioner.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any more suggestions on what I might try to get this problem resolved?

Thanks in advance.
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