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93 gsr ecu p61

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heys guys my friend gave me a few ecus to sell and im just wondering about this ecu. Cuz a guy im trying to sell it to has a 93 civic si obd1. will this gsr ecu work with his gsr motor in the civic?

also how much should i sell it for??
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it depends on what motor is in the car. if there is a GSR motor in the hatch, then it'll work. but if it's a stock hatch si, then it won't work. the Si is a SOHC, and the GSR ECU will work on the DOHC VTEC cars.

how much should i sell it for also?? dont know too much bout gsr's. I just beat em' :p
What year is the GSR motor in his hatch? If it's a 92-93 (B17A) everthing will be just fine. But if it's a 94-95 (B18C1) with the stock dual runner intake manifold, the P61 ecu will not operate the butterfly valves inside the intake manifold. If this is the case, he can buy a single runner intake manifold like a Skunk 2. Then everything will be fine.

can you tell me what the pin out for the second runner is on the 94gsr ecu? just got done with a USDM B18C1 in a 95 Civic EX...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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