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My 93 honda civic HB D15B7 is up for sale. I live in LaFayette GA.
5 speed manual
APC strut bar
APC intake
Spectre cone filter
G-sport high output coil
Denso KJ20CR-L11 plugs
New OEM radiator
FX racing muffler
Faze Monster Tach
280k miles
Parts I'm giving with the car
T3 Airsearch turbo
HKS bov
HF manifold
2 custom made flanges that mate to the HF mani and to the T3
Z6 head w/ polished valve cover
Air to Fuel ratio gauge w/ pillar pod

*I have changed the oil in this car regurlarly since I bought it.
The car does not smoke at all.
It pulls really strong still even with its high mileage.

If I've left anything out I will put it in later. Im pretty sure that covers everything, if you are interested just email me @ [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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