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I am going to be selling a 93 delsol. Iam waitin on the title to come back in my name then it will be up for sale.
It is black, needs some body work, The motor was in the middle of replacement when i got it, it is a 1.5 i dont kno how many miles are on the motor. I was told it needs timing done, I was not intrested in the motor i wanted to do a swap but dont have the money right now. I have a extra comp for the car it is mapped for a turbo, I have a 1.6 vtec sohc head, Turbro header, there is more to list, The body has 133xxx. Looking to get round 8-1000 for it. Pix will be posted within 24hrs.
Feel free to email me and ask for pix and more info, THANKX [email protected]
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