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Here's the deal...I hydrolocked my motor about 2 months ago and since there is an abundance of problems including the clutch and transmission needing repair I am going to part it out. There are a few bolt on pieces that include: DC sports ceramic header, Apexi N1 exhaust, and a cold air intake...the header and exhaust have some bumps and bruises cause of the car being lowered. The interior is stock perfect condition except for the double din Kenwood is missing the remote but otherwise in mint condition. The hood and front drivers side fender are not good...that being said I will pull and send anything off the car...with the exception of the motor which would need to be picked up unless you know a good way to ship it. I live in Daytona Beach...pick ups are welcome. Email me with whatever your needs are and the price you are willing to pay before shipping and I will get back with you as fast as I possibly can. [email protected] I can't give out the number as I am temporarily staying at my g.f.'s place and the number is not listed. No reasonable offer will be refused!

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