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im testing the waters on sellin my beloved 1993 s13 coupe. I have owned the car for a year and previously it was owned by the ORIGINAL owner !! It currently has just rolled over 115k original miles which is insanely low for the year. i got her with 88k miles, and the only reason why im parting with this car is because i want a civic again lol...i change my mind allllllll the time !!

Exterior/Suspension: (all done within less than one year)

Brand new PPG three stage paint job...original color.

Apex-i Worldsport hybrid megaphone exhaust

Maxxim 15inch wheels

Ichiba 10mm spacers

Ichiba extended lugs

Sylvania headlights

Xenon front lip

Red/Clear rear tail lights

Wicked tension rods

GAB(jdm) fully adjustable coilovers...damper and height adj.

Aftermarket front strut bar

Mods done in past several months:

BRAND NEW tires (all 4) Falken Ziex w/200 miles on them

OE front lower control arms

Tein Inner And Outer tie rods w/spacer for maximum steering angle

Energy Steering rack bushings

JDM Bumper lights w/LEDs in driving light

LED in Dome light

ASPEC Drift knob

New brain for Keyless entry/alarm

H4 conversion


Very clean s14 black front seats

Nismo shift knob

New shift boot

Aftermarket deep dish steering wheel

Jdm wheel hub

Pioneer Stereo Deck


all the maintanence has been kept up with

cap/rotor/wires/radiator ALL changed three months ago

Oil changed every 3-4k miles...i run full synthetic

This car has been babied by the original owner, a professor at the university i attend and also with me. I drive REALLY slow because i HATE wasting gas and i dont like abusing the things i love.

EVERYTHING works on this also has keyless entry and TWO remote pagers so it notifies u when the alarm is set off. Its non power windows and with the modded keyless entry. The only bad things...the headliner is torn, carpet is a little rough and dash is cracked. Car is completely rust free also...i know thats always a deal with these cars.

I get compliments LEFT and RIGHT and with a couple hundred bucks, this car could be virtually flawless.

Price: $4000 or trade for a 92-00 civic hatch/96-00 hatch/96-00 teggie

Contact info: (915) 274-5785..PM or reply to this post

thanks for your time

*if you wanna come down in price, i can take off some things so just let me know...this car is beautiful.

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clean s13........but you must have 50 posts to sell

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SR20DET,3" exhaust from the turbo, Greddy RS B.O.V., CP pistons, greddy head gasket, nismo clutch, tie rods, springs, shocks, vlsd, chipped modded ecu. just picked up an n60 mafs, gram light 57c rims wrapped in sumitomo's, running 11psi, fmic. maybe soem jwt cams next week

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I need to buy one of these cars soon. As soon as my tegs gone and I have some free cash, I'm going to have to seriously hunt for one.

Its either a 240 or another teg, lol

GL with your sale, that S13 is teh sechs
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thanks man...yeah i love teggies and 240s, but i cant afford to go sideways so i jus want some FR to get me around...
You dont need to go sideways. If I get my 240 its going to be an auto-x/road course pavement destroyer.

The s13 is quite the capable chassis in the corners, just as good as any Honda and then some with the right mods and setup. Most people dont think about that. If I get one, I'm focusing on suspension and looks first, power second.

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yeah thats true man, but iono...i jus want a lil hatchy...
bubbles are fun no doubt. I'm not sayin Honda's suck, I still wanna get another, haha.

But something tells me I'll like RWD and not wanna go back, so I wanna give it a try.
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