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94-95 vs 96-97 accord

  • 94-95

    Votes: 24 58.5%
  • 96-97

    Votes: 17 41.5%

94-95 vs 96-97

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i never seen anybodie post a poll be4 bored soo ya...which one do u like a comment if u wan to
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Since I own one, 94-95. I actually like them both about the same though. Things I like about 94-95: OBD1, I like the front bumper better, WAY better wheels, no inner trunk light, shocks on the trunk, better trunk design(no chrome). (bad thing, H on the hood)

96-97, cleaner bumpers(no lines going through them). Starting to like the factory tails, just with the reflector taken out, NO "H" enblem on the hood.

BTW: :cough: accord non-tech :cough:
nizmugen said:
aren't the headlights the same?
headlights, and the body are the same(except for minor details). Maybe he was referring to 98+:confused:
i like the front and rear facias of the 94-95, but i'm biased becuase i own one.

i hate the H on the hood, the lack of a map light, and the stupid location for the sun-roof control.
I like the tail lights on the 94-95, but I don't like how on the bumper in the middle its not painted and black. Also i dont like the "H" on the hood. Honestly its such minor details i dont know why im wasting my time writing this. There both nice.
Well I really like my 96 accord so im kind of biased. I like the obd1 of the 94-95 with the o2 sensor placed on the 4 inch piece between cat and header. I like how the 94-95 trunk works. I like the lights on my 96 and I like my front bumper better too.
96-97....better tails
I like them both but in a way I think the Styling on both cars look great but I tend to like the 94-95 tails better.....the front bumper lights are too long too.

but in my past driving testing on the 96-97 vtec motors seem to have less torque than the 94-95 vtec.....all i have tested were 5-speeds and factory vtecs.

But the 94-95 ARE the best years made. Won't ever go out of style in about 5-8 years from now.
I'm sad Honda never made an OEM underbody spoiler for the 5th gens. :( I have a 94 tho. :)
basicly, everybodie like wutever they
i like the 94-95, yup i got the 95... heh
WHY THE HELL IS THE ROOF CONTROL ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE DAMN STEERING WHEEL THOUGH!? (hehe, im just annoyed cause i drive with my left hand)
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