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I am selling my 1994 honda civic 2dr coupe (black). This car includes an ls-vtec engine (40,000 miles) consisting of 99 b18c head, 94 b18b block and ITR internals. It's been ported and polished and capable of high 13's NA. The odometer reads 168,xxx. Also includes RSR one piece header, greddy pe exhaust, auromotive adj fpr, ACT 6 puck-steet disc, fluidyne radiator, air/fuel ratio guage, and sport-comp tach.
Now, this vehicle is for sale as is.... In full diclosure, this is everything I know that is wrong with it. Bad AC compressor, needs new suspension (currently installed are the kyb agx w/ eibach sportlines. One of these shocks already gave out... not a good setup.) Needs driver side axle replaced, has a third gear grind, (nice time to upgrade to itr tranny lsd). And finally some hail damage, mostly on hood... (go carbon fiber).
With all that said, (most people wouldn't tell you all that) I am asking for $3800, this price is firm, (like pamela andersons chest) I will not part out.
This car still hauls butt, and I drive it to work everyday. As far as pictures go, just imagine a 2 dr black coupe, with some crappy looking altezza's. Seriously, I will put on some pictures a little later. Thanks for your time, Chris. P.S. I won't deliver, if you want it, come and get it. Laters.
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