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'94 EX: Need 5spd/more power!

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Unfortunately, I am going to sell my '94 EX sedan. I am dying for a 5spd and something with more power. My Accord has been a great car and I will probably regret selling it, but oh well.

Anyways, it has 179,000 freeway miles and has been meticulously maintained with all of the maintenace records to prove it. The paint is glossy, the leather int. still looks new, and the engine runs great. I am asking $4800 or best offer for it and I plan to get a '94-'96 Prelude VTEC. Don't flame me but I am also looking at a '92 300ZX Twin Turbo. I will probably end up getting the Prelude because it is obviously a cheaper car to maintain. I will always have respect for Accords (especially the '94-' years in my opinion). I would like to know if I am asking a reasonable price for my Accord. I'm concerned because when people at my work ask me how many miles are on it and I tell them they look disgusted or shocked. I tell them 80% of the miles are freeway driving, but most of them think the engine will need to be rebuilt right away. It runs awesome and passed the smog test without one problem. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have a problem selling it, but I would appreciate any advice or comments. Thanks.
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personally i don't think you're asking enough for it... i paid $8,606 for my '95 EX w/ 95,000 a year and a half ago.
Damn only if you lived in fresno, my brother law's friend was trying to sell his 92+ twin turbo 300z for only 9k cash. it has rims, exhaust, looks very nice and clean. he couldn't afford insurance anymore.

anyways it was sold like 2 wks ago to a lucky bastard for 9k.
just remeber that 300zx tt will cost a grip load to maintain.. trust me i had one. it has two of everything... two intake pipes, two throttle bodies, etc... i don't recommend the 300zx espcially a car that is close to 10 years of age.
That sounds like a good price...I sold mine for $6500..150,000 miles with a kit and rims

If everyone thinks that the engine is gonna go bad soon, just take it to a place that can do a compression and leakdown test and tell you the condition of the engine. Show the papers when someone looks at the car.
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