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94 gsr rims & tires

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how much could i expect to get if i sold my 1994 gsr rims with kumho ecsta 712 205/50/15 tires? i paid 393 for the tires w/ mounting and balancing... ive only had them 2 months.
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600.00 or so. Check ebay, and see what they're goin for. Put them up on ebay with NR and then cancel out at the last minute ifyou want an idea of what you could get.
Those GSR rims are very popular today as many cars like that stock look, but sadly to say the prices are decreasing more and more on a daily basis. Although they are still very nice, I have them on the teg, rims and wheel packages are getting cheaper as well. Last year I would have probably agreed that maybe $600 would have been a good price for the rims; however now I say abou 200 bucks LESS then $600. The rims are nice but now are becoming very common amoung many imports. The same thing could almost be said about SI rims, they're hot now but in a little bit they'll die down. (I still love the GSR's rims though! :D )

I'll have to say $400 give or take $50ish. Although you are trying to sell them so try to start high and work down with them...

Good luck selling them,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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