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Those GSR rims are very popular today as many cars like that stock look, but sadly to say the prices are decreasing more and more on a daily basis. Although they are still very nice, I have them on the teg, rims and wheel packages are getting cheaper as well. Last year I would have probably agreed that maybe $600 would have been a good price for the rims; however now I say abou 200 bucks LESS then $600. The rims are nice but now are becoming very common amoung many imports. The same thing could almost be said about SI rims, they're hot now but in a little bit they'll die down. (I still love the GSR's rims though! :D )

I'll have to say $400 give or take $50ish. Although you are trying to sell them so try to start high and work down with them...

Good luck selling them,
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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