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Hello Yes,

I have a 94 jdm h22a engine swapped into a 90 accord 2dr. I bought it with the swap already done so I've spent 2 years dealing with what I can only assume are electrical problems.

Got into the car and pushed clutch in (with plenty of resistance; did not go straight to floor). Turned the key to start and only heard a click of the keys turning. Pushed the clutch down harder and it would start fine however, that only happened to work 3 times and no more.
Now I can only roll start the car and it starts fine and runs good.
Electronics on dash stayed on but no crank, no start and no sound from starter or solenoid trying to turn.

I have checked the battery which was good
I have checked the starter but "jumping it" with a wrench and it turned but that's it car still wouldn't crank or turnover.
Starter/Main relay that was by clutch and kickpanel replaced that relay and no change.

Now the guy that did the swap basically tied the wires together around the starter, coolant temp relay etc and taped them with electrical tape so pretty lazy to say the least.

I have tied, cleaned, taped these wires twice since I got it 2 years ago. And it fixed an issue at the time but I'm lost on this not start problem.

Please any suggestions or questions please ask and all advice/suggestions is so appreciated.

Since I don't see a way to upload images I would be happy to email them if there isn't a way I haven't found on here

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Clutch switch.
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