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94 Legend L $3300 OBO, Beaverton

I'm selling a red 94 Legend L coupe with 147K. It's an auto and completely stock except for Ground Control coilovers with Eibach springs.

It has a "previously damaged title" from a previous owner in Utah, that's why I'm selling so cheap. The body is almost perfect execpt there is an indent by the rear driver side wheelwell from when I grazed a pillar trying to park in my undercover parking at my old apartment. The rims are a little damaged as well. There is a tear on the driver's seat.

There are new brakes, new rear rotors, brand new Toyo tires on the front, and a new passenger side control arm. All maintenance is up to date and the car still looks brand new except for the blemish on the driver side.

I'm trying to sell this car as quick as possible so I will negotiate the price with whoever is interested. I will also trade for a 94-97 Integra (i'm stating those years because of the price I am looking for), preferably sedan and GSR, but I will take LS sedan. I will also pay the difference in cash.

If you're interested, email me at [email protected] for more info, contact info, VIN number and pictures.

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