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94 teg gauge cluster into 97 civic

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Does anyone know how to install a '94 integra cluster into a '97 civic coupe? I'm sure the process isn't too difficult I thought I would get some advice before doing it.

Do I just use the bottom two screws to hold it in?


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You'll need a wiring diagram - the plugs are the same, but some of the wires in one of the connectors are swapped around.

Aside from that, I thikn the bottom 2 screws and rigging some sort of way to hold the top in is all it takes.
Wires??? Damnit!

Any clues on where i might find the teg diagram? I have the Factory Service Manual for my car but I need the teg diagram.

Thanks for the info,

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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