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94 vtec suspension setup

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I am going to be doing a new suspension setup, and I was set on Eibach Prokit and either Koni Yellows or KYB AGX. Then I got worried that I'd need height adjustability cause of all the snow we get in the winter. The Prokit is not adjustable? Does anyone know this? If it's not, would I need to get coilovers like Ground Control? Help me out, please.
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come on, is there anybody out there who knows how to help me?
no, the prokit is not adjustable. the koni yellows, however, are adjustable. you wont have as much height adjustability as you would with coilovers, but you can change it about .5" higher or lower.
I would say go with the KYB's AGX's
i believe they are German engineered?? correct me if i'm wrong
but they are very good shocks
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