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95 acura integra (special edition)
2000 gsr head
95 ls block
srp 11.5:1 pistons
eagle rods
all new bearings gaskets and seals
skunk2 intake manifold
golden eagle vtec conversion kit
exedy clutch
type r oil pump
ground control coilovers
2.25 exhaust from cat back
front and rear strut bars
a/f ratio gauge
oil pressure gauge
hidden shift light
pioneer headunit
chipped p28 ecu
konig rims

car has 168,000 miles new motor has aprox. 4,500.
shaved badges, antenea, washer sprayer and holes from spoiler. only primered need painting. has a little bit of rust in both rear wheel wells. drivers side seat has a rip. interior is tan. exterior is green.
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