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It's gotta be burning up...........does it seem like the motor is running crappy then suddenly get better?? Casue I've seen that a billion times. It runs bad casue of the coolent entering the combustion chamber. then when all the coolent is burned up it runs better. Also check for White smoke out the exhaust. It'll have that "Sweet" smell like coolent.

The only other thing I can think of is...........did anyone do the Water pump?? Casue it could be leaking from there, behind the timing covers and drying up before it can hit the ground......or maybe it is leaking to the ground and you just havn't looked there.

Aks you buddy if he knows about the Blue Liquid..........It's a Blue fluid in a Sucker system that pulling in the gases from the Radiator. If the BLue turns to Yellow then you def have a Blown Head Gasket. No question aobut it.....that test has never been wrong about it being blown. It's not 100% though.......I can be blown and stay blue.........but if it goes Yellow then there's no question.

Good luck
Hope you find it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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