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'95 Integra B18B

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I have a non-vtec :sleep: B18B engine, what type bolt-on products can I install to add more hp and torque. I not looking for a turbo, supercharger, or nitrous, as yet. I have quite a bit done to "her", I just want to hear what you guys have to say just in case there's something else I need.
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your never gonna get it really fast wit all-motor, it would be cheaper doing turbo even though you said ou dont want to, supercharger is not gonna give you that much power either and im not even gonna talk about nitrious... i've got a 95 special edition (ls) and i ran 15.3 with just i/e i should be around 15 flat now with same stuff just better tires and itr clutch but i'll be goin turbo soon
theres many things you can do for bolt ons that'll pep it up, but it won't be like "oh my fork'in god look out world here i come!" hahahah

you can change:
-cam gears
-fpr(fuel pressure regulator)
-lighter rims
-better sticker tires
-better suspension to transfer weight
-short shifter(won't give you power, just cuts down on shifting distance)

Other mods that won't cost anything:
- removing unecessary equipement: remember power to weight ratio
-water wetter(well it does cost bout $6.00 a bottle), keeps down engine temp.
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So a turbo kit is where it's at. If I go with a basic turbo, how much hp should I be expecting. And aren't turbo kits more expensive than some engines?
A Drag III of Revhard II turbo can cost you between 2700 and 3200 dollars.
wow, thats alot of "moola". I quess I should hold off for now a wait to get my uncle's 1.6 el, and drop a GSR or Type R engine in it. Thanks
y not build the turbo kit yourself? use a stock turbo from an eclipse by and aftermarket manifold to fit your head and the turbo, get all the pipings and other little stuff. too lazy to go into detail, but i know itll save you alot of money. or search for a t3/t4 turbo from old merkur or real old mustang
Thanks for the idea but its alright, I'll stick to driving miss daisy.
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