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asking $1500. located in southern md. about 20 mins south of D.C.

doesnt run right now, just need to put the head back on along with a head gasket and water pump.

has a JDM F22B with H23 trans. i converted the car from auto to manual. the chassis has 260k miles on it but doesnt even look close to that. i drove it a lot before i took the head off and it drove good. havent driven it since march though. does not have p/s, a/c, or cruise control.

innovative motor mounts
megan header
megan test pipe
greddy evo2 cat back
aem intake
16" black with polished lip rims (i forget what kind they are) chipped ecu
exedy stage 1 clutch and pressure plate
competition clutch 12lb flywheel
neuspeed sport springs

im probly fogetting stuff but its got a lot of shit.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts