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95 Teg w/ LS/VTEC 4sale

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i want to sell my teggy people. it's a 95 integra w/ an LS/VTEC conversion. i got the conversion done last february, but i was gone for 6 months last year so i didn't drive the car. the block has like 95kish and the head around 50kish. it's got a ITR intake manifold, STR cam seal, blockguard, Magnecor wires, NGK plugs and a Field's VTEC controller. pulls really hard. was gonna buy a ITR tranny but i have a new project car i want to start up. i have Skunk2 coilovers on it, but no rims. little extras include the Skunk2 strut tower bar and the Autometer A/F meter.

i'm asking for 7500 and believe me i'm taking a loss on the car. i wanted to get what i owe on it but no one wants to pay that. i want negotiate any lower either.

there is nothing wrong w/ the car itself. the engine runs strong (no leaks), tranny does what it has to, the car just looks good. oh yeah it has an intake too. forgot about that.

anyone interested email me at
[email protected]

please serious people only. i'm located in VA.

i may have left some little stuff out. not sure.
will sends pics if requested.
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