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i have several items for sale for a 97 civic, all good for 96-00.

I am located in NY. if you want pictures i can send them of the items as well.
email me , and i will give you a cell phone number to reach me at.
all these parts are mine, i just sold my car and put it back to stock. most of these parts are brand new since my car was in the shop for awhile getting customized. gsr engine is sold already. everything else is available as of right now.

tsunami T2000 poly urathane body kit~900$
i also have just the front bumper as well in the same style.~300$

dashboard cluster with tach and indiglo already installed/all wires.
this has 56000 miles on the odometer. make your honda new again~100$

front suspension eibach sport line springs and kyb agx adjustable shocks~300$

***full poly urathane bushing set, every possible suspension bushing set replacement, energy suspension hyperflex master set, also including that is not with the energy set is 2 brand new ball joints and 2 tie rod ends~175$***
i'm sorry about this listing. i didn't remember that i have all 4 ball joints for the front end, two upper joints, two lower joints, AND two tie rod ends!! i am only selling this as a complete set, bushing set and all six suspension components. you wont believe the handling response once you install this upgrade!~225$

2 apexi exhausts cans only, no piping*brand new* not replicas, genuine apexi
for ~400$ for both

APC carbon fiber/paintable tail lights~100$

SI center console~100$

bmw style side view mirrors with lights, blue or amber led~50$ for both

i have other items too. i will be posting them shortly.


i knew i'd forget some stuff.

ground designs fiberglass wing. this is commonly known as a blackwidow wing, spider wing, or other reference to an arachnid. call it what you want, it looks
hot!!! unfinished, needs to be preped, primed and painted.~175$

brushed aluminum bezel insert for dashboard cluster.~40$

all prices do not include shipping and handling costs, but don't worry, this isn't ebay, i am not taxing any ridiculus figures here people. you will be charged shipping costs and maybe also for a box from staplels if i can't dig one up somewhere.
all items are pretty much negotiable.
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