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96-97 Front underspoiler? u got one?

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ok, i have the means to get a hold of an OEM G.H.P 96-97 front underspoiler for abouit 80 bucks (PM me if u are interested in getting one too). but i need a picture, or some sort of description of the OEM Underspoiler. i remember about 6 months ago, someone on SHO had one on his Coupe and it lookd amazing. its much more of a underspoiler insted of jus like a type r lip, it looks a lot more like the Tsunami softline, i beleive. does anyone wana show me a picture of one? or does anyone got one on their car. am i sure that its the one i want, and not the gay kind like they made for the 92-95?! someone help a bro out. also, i need this asap, these things are gona sell like hell. thanks
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SimpleGreen's car..

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What's up

DUDE WTF! You announce this AFTER I win one on ebay!? haha jk. Well yeah the guy your talking about is simple green. One thing that I don't understand though is that all the websites that have them ( list them ONLY for a 98 coupe. I read the installation instructions on and they use the same picture for the installation of the 96-98 Civic SIR lip! And for the rear lip the picture it on a sedan haha. I've tried questioning all the afore mentioned websites on this but they cant' give me answer. Anyways if you can get the matching rear lip in any color (They don't go for less than 260 ANYWHERE) let me know. Only the rear lips in stock but I don't know how you choose what color you want both in all colors but the most expensive Only the rear lips in green and white.
im getin this unpainted but new of hparts
they only got a limited quanity though. i really want this and have been lookn everywhere for it. the 98 isnt gona fit our 97 because of the damn airvents on the side.

so in comfirmation, is this the one im looking for? did honda make more than one underspoiler for the 96-97, or is the font underspoiler for a 97 cope the one that simplegreens got?
I believe this is the "spoiler" you will be getting. The lil lip at the bottom there. 96-98 OEM front lips only come painted from Honda, and cost around $250.

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Now that I think about it....

Rage Against Nate is right. I also have that lip on the silver civic but I recently sold it. In the wording of honda that lip is known as the 96-98 "chin" spoiler (as called on whereas the lip on the green civic is known as "front under body spoiler" (on the all of the sites). I paid about 80 for my chin spoiler and with shipping it came out to be around 100. As far as I know the front and rear under body spoilers are out of production (trust me I've searched for them and the places that have them don't sell them cheap), but I see the chin spoiler on alot of sites. To see it unpainted check out theseint's sig picture and Damn that chin spoiler looks good painted... maybe I should of kept it haha.
The front chin spoiler is what Rage posted.. That's the $80 deal.. It comes unpainted (same color as factory sideskirts) and fits 96-98 Civics.

The front underbody spoiler is the pic I posted of SimpleGreen's car.. That spoiler fits 96-98 Civic's.. They only list it for a 98 or whatever, b/c that's the first year it was offered as an option (or so the dealership told me).. Like Rage said, it only comes prepainted from the factory, and it runs around $250 or so..

And yeah, the front/rear underbody spoilers are out of production for 96-00 Civic's.. I tried finding an OEM 99-00 rear lip, but it was impossible, so I had to buy a lookalike off eBay..
yeah i gotcha. ive been trying to call them and find out wich is which. heres the deal. they list it as a front underspoiler, not a chinspoiler, but they also say it comes unpainted!? i duno. i would love an OEM underspoiler so much, but if this isnt it, i mineswell get a type r one or a softline.
I'm happy with my 'chin.' :D

Did't even have to bother to paint it... matches right up with the side skirts and rear mudd flapps (helps that my car is Black too). And I got mine for under $100 and installed in like 15min. FUG PAINTING AND DEALING WITH FIT AND DOUBLE sided tape :mad: , just 9 or so screws and your set.

Supa CLEAN, I'm going for an OEM look so it all depends on what your goals are in future appearence of your car.

ANd that $80 deal is most likely the 'Chin' spoiler. Unless its a cheap knockoff of the honda factory kit. Emphasis on CHEAP!!
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here's another pic of the "chin" spoiler

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