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Front Bumper: minor knicks, and scratches, should be no problem if repainted... recently painted. was in minor wreck, front end collision. Feneder are like new, minor dent due to collision. Can be repaired for real cheap. Rear bumper is untouched, brand new as is from the factory. Only reason selling the bumpers, is because I purchased the "Skyline" body kit for my car. Spoiler is original Honda part with led light. along with the body kit, i purchased a touring wing.

Front bumper: $ 75.00
Rear bumper: $ 175.00 (LIKE NEW)
Fenders (PAIR): $ 60.00
Spoiler: $200.00 (NEW)

I am in Centreville, VA. Call me at (571) 276-4702 for local or NO. VA area.

Thank You for your interest.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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