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96-98 rear spoiler lip for sedan

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I'm looking for 96-98 rear spoiler lip. I have hard time to find that i like.

Will y'all please help me with where i can get rear spoiler lip. I personally want to go with Vi-RS rear spoiler lip. But I would be more than happy to see any other style of lip for rear bumper.

I did the search function. I find nothing information that i would need.

P.S I'm not looking for front and rear. Because I already have front si lip on my car. So that mean I'm looking for only rear spoiler lip. Don't tell me about autodynamics and etc. I only need that rear spoiler lip....

Any website or phone number will be great.
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Any respond? I'm serious about getting rear underbody spoiler.

If you don't know what Vi-rs is. There's a website at under jdmferio's picture. That's what I am talking about.
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