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Before the story gets to starting, i'd like to give you the run down of both cars..
my car of course, has a fully built race head on my type-r motor, major bolt ons, you know the drill, i'll break it down at the end..
the hatch has a 00 jdm itr swap, i/h/e msd thats it, i think hondata tuned not sure..he had a hondata i'm assuming..

I was running down the interstate one evening, and i of course, was sleeping ready to get home i kindof got on the gas alittle bit, and i noticed 2 pairs of headlights coming up on me fast, one with hid's the other with some silver stars or somesort..

In any case i ease on the gas to catch up and i see they slow down, this is a 3lane interstate hwy i mind you completely open to anything...there's about a 2 mile stretch of road so as i'm in the middle of these two cars, i go from 5th, to 2nd and hold 50ish~ mph, i just palms sweating because i haven't had a pretty good race in i see, theirs on person in each car..both hatches at the time i didn't know what was done to either...i dont wait any longer, it was a pause in time, as i nailed the car at 7800rpms and my 9400rpms redline came up on me quicker then a whore on the side of the road asking if i wanted a good time..i was almost instantly infront by a half a car, as 3rd winded out, i could almost see both cars in my rear view mirror, i shift to 4th and let the car coast back down to 60ish~...nice run i thought, i get off on my exit and these two follow me, again a stop light, 2 way hwy nobody in sight....what the hell..
Now by this time im' geety, you ever get that feeling where your feet shake and your hands tremble alittle bit...nervousness, well i had it...

Hatch : Whats up man, Fucken fast car whats in there
Me: Eh, swapped type-r, built head, bolt ons ya know usual
Hatch : wow...
Me: wanna go from a dig..??
Hatch : ya or horn..
Me: go whenever *grins*...
Hatch: kool beans dude Good luck
Me: you too..

Love crome it..full throttle launched on !!~~ as i hold the clutch in, 1st gear is locked and pedel all the way to the floor, my full throttle launch bounces the rpms off at 4200, go?? all of a sudden a delay, the HATCH GOES, split second move bam drop the clutch i'm off with a chip of 1st, and i quickly loose traction, 9100,9200,9300 shift into 2nd, my tires BEG for forgiveness as i hardly have any traction in 2nd, 9300, bounce revlimit bam slam it into 3rd...i'm neck and the end of 3rd windes out, my back bumper = at his front bumper..we pull along side in a circle k and discuess imports for a few, i buy him a drink and his friend and talk abotu cars for alittle..
turns out he just got the car..simple AEM cold air, jdm itr 4-1 headers, apexi exhaust, msd.. his buddy had a teal hatch, b16b swap, just a intake, hatch was no where near my level or his they quickly asked for me to pop my i did, their eye's lite up..

As yall know if you read my story of my car's recent problems you'd know i bent 4 exhaust valves..within that time frim i did alot myself to the i started listing the mods their's eye's just got wider and wider...the conversation was short but sweet, two nice guys..but one thing on my mind..

me: what'd the guy before you run in that car.
Hatch: mid 13's at 105ish..
Me: ......quite as a mouse..

My kill...
cliffs: 97 Gsr, usdm itr swap, built head bolt ons, walks jdm itr swapped hatch, and jdm civic typer swapped hatch bolt ons....


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i love that feeling^^^ getting geety, adrenaline pumping knowing whats about to go down :bounce i get geety just thinking about it :D good kill :clap
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